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Yes you could be sad about your pairings but:

  • Inappropriately timed confessions
  • At a ski lodge and somehow got stuck outside in the middle of the storm but hey look there’s a conveniently abandoned cabin I guess the logical thing to do is go in there and snuggle for warmth for the night
  • Seeing love interest in formal wear for the first time whaaat
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating and then they start wondering if they’re dating
  • Oops friend looks like the only place to sleep in this house is this small, twin-sized bed, guess we’ll have to share
  • Thunderstorm cuddles
  • Crashed the wrong wedding and now the best man/maid of honor is on my ass, but hey they’re kinda hot so???
  • Run into each other in a hospital while there for really stupid reasons
  • Both have same obscure taste in music and meet in a dark corner of a music store
  • Neighbors in a shitty apartment building that share a sense of solidarity for each other (also a mutual attraction because hotawhat)
  • Sleepy kisses
  • Inappropriately timed confessions

that is all


Stop writing Annie Cresta as weak.

Stop saying she fell apart without Finnick or she won because of him.

He wasn’t there in the arena when her partner was beheaded, or when the dam burst or when she won.

He wasn’t there in her head when she had nightmares or couldn’t tell reality from memories. 

He wasn’t there when she was kidnapped by The Capitol, presumably tortured and she still came out better than Johanna or Peeta.

He wasn’t there when she gave birth, when she raised their child.

He wasn’t there when she had to live after him.

Don’t tell me Annie Cresta was weak, because she had to live after a war that took her husband, her peace of mind, the government, the friends she had. She had to live with the arena, with killing and being called insane.

Don’t tell me she was weak.

Photos: Lenny Kravitz Covers ‘Uptown’ Magazine Looking Fabulous!


Photos: Lenny Kravitz Covers ‘Uptown’ Magazine Looking Fabulous!

Photos: Lenny Kravitz Covers ‘Uptown’ Magazine Looking Fabulous!


Our Cinna (tears) is looking quite Cinna-like on the cover of Uptown magazine! Lenny Kravitz is looking sleep covered from head to toe in Saint Laurent! Lenny talk his health and fashion, and how he had time to star in the Hunger Games films, record music, and be a fashion icon all at once! You can read the interview here, but check out the photos below!

uptown-lenny-kravitz-cover-oct-nov-2014-601x800 uptown-lenny-kravitz-october-2014-1-603x800 uptown-lenny-kravitz-october-2014-3-603x800 uptown-lenny-kravitz-october-2014-5-603x800

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