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Basically I wrote the song specifically for the movie, it wasn’t something that I had to draft up previously. I reread the books, and I just wanted to tap into everything that Katniss is feeling in that film and what’s the crazy stuff that goes on. One of the things that happened in the book which to me felt like this crazy turning point was her best friend Peeta tries to kill her, he’s been brainwashed and tries to strangle her. It just felt like something so irreparable and something that the characters couldn’t turn back from. I felt like Katniss was like ‘okay, I’m taking names. I’m coming for blood. You don’t do these types of things to my friends and family and get away with it.’ I just wanted to make something kind of dark and haunting.
—  Lorde on ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’

9: Most embarrassing moment from your high school years?

That would probably be when a painting I made in art class was chosen for an award in the Governor’s Art Show in Ohio and I had to get up in front of people and tell them what it meant.  Not only did I have to talk to a bunch of strangers, but I had to say something more profound than “I had to do something or my teacher was going to fail me for sitting around, taking up space.”

15: What’s your most favorite part of your personality?

Already answered:  Friendliness.  :D

42: Do you swear in front of your parents?

Not so much.  D:

princess-nell asked:

1,15,25. :)

1: What eye color do you find sexiest?

Green.  And not just because of Finnick Odair.  My husband has green eyes, and he existed long before the Hunger Games.  ;)

15: What’s your most favorite part of your personality?

I think I’m a pretty friendly person, so I guess friendliness?

25: Would you wear a rainbow jacket? A neon yellow sweater? Checkered pants?

All at the same time?  Probably not.  But individually?  Yep.

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